Research Fields

  • Assessing and monitoring the health of pregnant woman, postpartum woman and the fetus/ newborn.
  • Providing counseling to the future parents in order to prepare them for the parental role smoothly.
  • Prevention of pathological conditions that treat pregnant women and infant’s health (preterm/ full-term) and the provision of increased intensive care.
  • Early detection of pathological symptoms related to the physical and mental health of pregnant woman/ postpartum woman, newborn/ infant.
  • Early detection of adverse situations within the family such as domestic violence.
  • Breastfeeding promotion and support to breastfeeding mother after leaving the maternity unit.
  • Parent education and support for the development of mother-child and father-child attachment.
  • Informing and awareness of the winder community (scientific and non- scientific) about the adoption of good practice such as normal childbirth delivery, breastfeeding, early detection of perinatal mental disorders.